-What does an initial consultation consist of?

With our focus being overall wellness—mind and body wellness—we take into account many aspects of your person and health. The initial visit generally takes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, and the cost is $120. This consultation includes 50-60 questions regarding your health, background, family background, and other keys to your well-being. Finally, we plan a performance of acupuncture based on diagnosis. An acupuncturist’s diagnosis must be

based on

1. Seeing you

2. Taking your pulse

3. Listening to you

4. Questioning you.

Only after all things have been taken into account can an acupuncturist make a diagnosis and take action towards balancing your energy meridian.

After the initial consultation, how often or how many times will I have to return?

Keep in mind that each person is unique, and since we have an
eye toward providing comprehensive results, these times will vary.

Physical pain can often be resolved in 2-3 visits.
Depression/anxiety may be resolved in 10+ visits.
Internal medicine or chronic conditions may require 20+ visits.

For most conditions a weekly appointment is sufficient; however, acute pain
or problems may require visits twice weekly or even 3 times weekly.

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