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• Diplomat Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs• Reads & Writes Classical Chinese
• Languages Spoken: English & Korean
• School: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
• Degree: MSTOM


Jay Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea, where he lived until his 20s. When he was a teenager, he thought about helping other people and specifically considered parapsychology as one of his majors in college, but it wasn’t offered. In 1984, one of the best-selling nonfiction novels at that time triggered him to concentrate more on body/mind exercise. Even when Jay started his first job with United Airlines™, he was asking himself about his role in life and why he was doing it. He was always interested in people. He was serving other people all the time, especially those who were in difficult situations.


Jay came to the United States in his 20s and eventually received a license to practice Oriental medicine after long, 12 years of academic and body/mind training. While in a Retreat Center in Arizona, he found that classic acupuncture could help people who have problems with their minds as well as their bodies. That acupuncture style became his primary practice, and it has been known as “Sa Ahm Acupuncture” based upon the “5 haing (5 elements, 5 phases) principal.” He is connected with the school of great Oriental medicine institute Somun Hak Pa. He spent many years of intensive study with this school, and he learned how to use great Chinese herb formulas with acupuncture.

He got his name Gan Song from his Somun Hakpa teacher “Woo So,” which, naturally became the name of his practice.


A majority of Jay’s practice is from the late summer and fall. He has a great amount of energy from the summer and shows more clear and cool style of practice as it gets into the fall. Winter will be continuing not as an end but as a beginning.


• “There is beginning without the beginning.”
– Si Mu Si

• “There is ending without the ending.”
– Jong Mu Jong